…during my darkest hours post-recovery” James Baraz and his Awakening Joy course showed

me how to take control of my own mental health and set me on a course to well being.”

– Andy McGuire

Buddhist Resources features the teachings of Thanissaro Bhikkhu (Ajahn Geoff) from the Thai forest tradition.  Extensive print and audio resources.  Great resource for understanding buddhist teachings!!!

Dharma Seed  – Extensive list of dharmaTeachers audio resources

Assess To Insight – Extensive written resources

Buddhist Recovery Resources

Spirit Rock Dharma & Recovery

Berkeley Dharma & Recovery

Buddhist Recovery Network

Refuge Recovery

Marin County and other Bay Area Resources

Rick Hanson – Neuroscience and Comtempletive Practices

Marin Alano Club – local AA Meeting Resource

Green Gulch Farm Zen Center

Marin Sangha

Awakening Joy

Spirit Rock Meditation Center

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