The Buddha taught many ways at looking at our human experience that run counter to our common way of looking at life.

This topics raised here will present some of those ways to look at our experience that can be very beneficial to the recovery process.  The core principles that we explore here are:

  • Identity View and Fabrication (how we co-create and reinforce our views, opinions, needs, beliefs and desires).
  • Karma and Rebirth (how our past, present and future actions determine our current experience)
  • Craving & Clinging (how to break the cycle of existence) (pending)
  • The three baskets and use of Mindfulness & Awareness (how morality, meditation & wisdom bring about freedom and recovery) (pending)
  • Additional spiritual tools and practices (lovingkindness, compassion,  empathetic joy, equanimity, spiritual friendship, and others). See Resouces.

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